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butterfly9.lbr by admin

ATAVRBTFLY footprint. If you are using Atmel\'s AVR Butterfly Demo Board in your project, this would be helpful!\r\nUploaded by Anurag Chugh from Student

67363 Downloads | 198 Likes | 07.22.2006

relay_finder.lbr by admin

P.C.B. sockets for some of the FINDER relays\r\nUploaded by Aristidis Konstantakopoulos from ARIS C&C

67928 Downloads | 213 Likes | 05.26.2005

xtx-board.zip by admin

XTX Board connector, based on A. Zaffran\'s etx-board.lbr\r\nUploaded by Thomas Kindler from University of Dortmund

69761 Downloads | 209 Likes | 11.19.2006

atmel89cxxxx.lbr by admin

Miroslav Gallik: Some Atmel componentsGeorg Siepmann: update Atmel C51 Serie mit t89cc01 (80c51 mit CAN vergl.: C504C)\r\nUploaded by Miroslav Gallik, Georg Siepmann

70205 Downloads | 210 Likes | 02.28.2002

con-jack.lbr by admin

Added with package with real drill size.\r\nUploaded by Federico Battaglin from www.febat.com

74481 Downloads | 223 Likes | 07.20.2007

analog-devices-dds.lbr by admin

Ham parts from Analog Devices Inc: - AD9854: I/Q DDS, TQFP80 - AD831: RF mixer, PLCC20 \r\nUploaded by Jan Wagner from Helsinki Univ of Tech

80830 Downloads | 214 Likes | 11.27.2003

rcm3360.lbr by admin

Library for RabbitCore RCM3360/RCM3370\r\nUploaded by Johan MATHE from Universit

88407 Downloads | 203 Likes | 11.04.2005

maxim-filter.lbr by admin

A library of Maxim switched capacitor filters\r\nUploaded by Eli Shneider

89055 Downloads | 206 Likes | 09.03.2005

dips082.lbr by admin

Electronic Assembly DIPS082 LCD display w./w.o. backlit.\r\nUploaded by Zsolt Gyimesi from MegaSix Computers

89582 Downloads | 209 Likes | 11.20.2005

mpx-freescale.lbr by admin

Freescale Semiconductor MPX series pressure sensors \r\nUploaded by Bartosz Kilian from Poland

92355 Downloads | 220 Likes | 12.09.2008